Customer Testimonials

I have herniated discs starting at my mid back and and going up into my neck. Before I began visiting Dr. Phipps, I had tried everything- massage, physical therapy, other chiropractors. I spent a year in pain and within 5 visits to his office, my life was changed. I no longer struggle with posturing myself, am able to exercise, and I am not tied to his office for visits every few weeks or even months. If I have a setback, one session with Dr. Phipps puts me back on track. He has helped me to regain my life style. Dr. Phipps spends the neceesary time to get to the root of the problem. When you visit Dr. Phipps, he will find the time to accomodate your schedule. He knows you are in pain and gets you into the office asap. He spends however long it takes to alleviate your pain. He treats you as if you are the only patient on his schedule, when in fact that is quite the opposite! I don't know where I would be right now, if I hadn't become his patient.

Emily M.
As much as I liked to stay active and workout on occasion, in recent years my activities have been limited due to a lower back problem and ongoing Tennis elbow. After only a few treatments with Dr. Phipps, most of my problems had gone away and I'm able to stay active with Tennis and working out when I can. I highly recommend Dr. Phipps to anyone that has tried traditional Chiropractic techniques and Massage therapy as the Muscle and Joint treatment he provided has worked the best for me

Peter R.
I was planning on scheduling carpal tunnel surgery, last fall, but decided to see what Dr.Phipps could do with ART treatments, first. My main complaint was numbness in my wrists and hands, during the night. After receiving several ART treatments, I was no longer being woken up by numbness while sleeping. My carpal tunnel symptoms have not gone away 100% -- but they have certainly improved and I am no longer planning on having surgery on my hands. I will return to Dr. Phipps for additional maintenance treatments, when my carpal tunnel appears to be acting up.

Dr. Phipps treated me for tennis elbow. I went to my usual chiropractor, but he couldn't help. I even went to a physical therapist, but it was the same treatments for weeks and no real improvement. So, Dr. Phipps was recommended to me and with the first visit, there was relief instantly. Now, I know that wasn't going to last, but with just a couple of treatments like this, my elbow was given the relief needed to heal itself. Yes, heal itself. Dr. Phipps's approach takes stress away from your muscles and joints instantly so they can heal quicker. Get the blood supply back to the affected area quicker. To me, quicker relief means less visits. I wish every doctor worked this way. Dr. Phipps is very sensible and very effective.

Bob J.
Dr. Phipps saved me from surgery. I'm 40 years old and try to stay active in sports and regular exercise. I was having significant pain in my shoulder and arm that was identified by my primary doctor and specialist as 2 herniated discs in my neck. I was told to go to a nuerosurgeon who suggested my MRI was significant enough to suggest corrective surgery. Before taking that route I saw Dr. Phipps. Utilizing this therapy he called ART, he was able to alleviate my pain symptoms within a handful of visits and get me back to full activity again. I have now been pain free for months . . . and surgery free. I know there's a lot of injuries and diagnoses that recommend surgical procedures, but for many of those, I would encourage considering a visit to Dr. Phipps first. For me, the results were dramatic.

Dave N.
Dr. Phipps helped me return to my normal lifestyle! I am 48 years old and thought it would be a good idea to use Insanity to get myself back into shape. Within a week, I pulled a calf muscle. I rehabbed it for an appropriate amount of time, went back to the workout and pulled the other one. I continued to pull one calf muscle after the other, spending more time rehabbing them (ice, rest, elevation, compression, massage, electro-neural stimulation, heat - you name it). I spent a year on this injury cycle, just spinning my wheels. Enter Dr. Phipps who spent 6 - 8 weeks performing ART on both calves, and walking me through the proper rehab stretching and strengthening exercises. Results? It's been 3 months since my last visit, and I am full go in everything from basketball to running to, yes, Insanity! i have greater movement and flexibility in my calves and ankles, with absolutely no pain at all. Hopefully, I have no further injuries, but Dr. Phipps is my go-to partner if anything does happen.

Chuck W.