What to expect on your first appointment:

A complete history will be taken which will guide the doctor during the exam.   The exam will include screening procedures designed to find the root of your problem. After the exam, the doctor will explain his findings and render a diagnosis. He will also explain suitable treatment methods. At this point, you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have with the doctor.

Treatment Protocol

Treatment will begin in a subsequent appointment and is guided by the exam findings from the first visit.  As the trapped nerves and tendons begin to move freely and the pain begins to subside,  the treatment schedule is reduced until the patient is pain free. The goal is for the patient’s pain to be resolved quickly and permanently. Once the pain is removed we give our patients the guidance through flexibility and strengthen tips they need to remain pain-free.

We build strong and trusting relationships with our patients and look forward to having you join our list of pain free patients. (Please see testimonials).